Your Guide to Staying Healthy & Sane in Today's Burnout-Filled World

The Burnout Prevention & Recovery Toolkit helps you understand burnout and its symptoms so that you know early when you're experiencing it. It explains why pursuing work-life balance and work-life integration won't help and introduces you to a comprehensive set of research-based tools that help you get your life back without sacrificing your career. 

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Inside the Toolkit

The toolkit offers you a a set of practical tools that can empower you to excel at work without ruining your life. It contains 42 pages of science-based, practical guidance on how to how to recover emotionally and mentally, how to escape social isolation, and how to manage your time and energy. 

  • What burnout is and isn't according to science
  • Burnout's 3 symptoms and how to know if you're at risk
  • The 6 primary causes of burnout
  • Why pursuing work-life balance won't solve your burnout challenges
  • Why work-life integration is harmful
  • 3 strategies science shows help you recover
  • 5 keys to overcoming social isolation
  • How to manage your time with the work-life equation
  • How to use recovery cycles to manage your energy

Sneak Peek

Based on coaching hundreds of ambitious professionals

The Toolkit is not just some nice ideas that we read somewhere. We've gotten in the trenches with entrepreneurs, managers and other high-performing professionals thinking about quitting their jobs prematurely and helped them find a different way of working and living - one they could sustain.

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Arianna Huffington said, "The land of burnout is not a place I ever want to go back to again." She's right. Get the help you need to ward off burnout.

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