Your Guide to Being Productive from Home

The Virtual Productivity Toolkit helps you seize all the advantages of working from home while minimizing the challenges. Learn the habits, technologies, and best practices that enable the best remote workers to accomplish far more than their in-office peers.

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Working from home has the potential to unravel your productivity or supercharge it. Download this Toolkit to seize this opportunity.

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Inside the Toolkit

The Toolkit offers you a a set of practical guidance on the key topics of remote work: online communication, remote meetings, virtual collaboration tools, staying focused, and avoiding burnout and social isolation in 44 pages of charts and diagrams.

  • The opportunity afford by working from home
  • How to communicate effectively and efficiently online
  • What meetings you should have a in remote work environment
  • The collaboration tools you'll want to use
  • Technologies for file, task, and project management
  • How to stay focused at home and create a home office environment that makes it easy to focus
  • Apps that can help you avoid digital distractions
  • How to avoid burnout when the lines between work and life blur
  • The 5 elements to seek to avoid social isolation

Sneak Peek

Based on 5 years of remote working & management

The Toolkit is not just some nice ideas that we read somewhere. We've gotten in the trenches with entrepreneurs, managers and other high-performing professionals thinking about quitting their jobs prematurely and helped them find a different way of working and living - one they could sustain.

Anchored in the Insights of These Articles + More

“While the pandemic has brought an end to the misconception that work can’t happen from home, remote work, itself, comes with a series of inaccurate assumptions of its own. Now, before you get comfortable with a way of working remotely, is the time to question these 3 myths."

3 Myths About Remote Work

"While it’s difficult to say whether team collaboration apps have solved email’s problems, what is clear is that they haven’t solved professionals’ over-communication problem."

Principles for Productive Online Communication

“The problem with these approaches is that they attempt to replicate what hasn’t worked, assuming that what leaders and companies were doing before the pandemic kept loneliness at bay. But this is horribly wrong. "

To Prevent Loneliness at Work, Stop Copying What Hasn't Worked

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The pandemic brought with it one of the biggest shifts in how we work in decades. Doing what you did before is not good enough.

By downloading this toolkit, you consent to subscribing to our newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time.